Game Warden warns people to stay safe while jug line fishing

Game Warden warns people to stay safe while jug lining

LAWTON, OK (TNN) -You can find many people out on the water this time of the year catching fish, and some prefer to go jug line fishing.

Jug lining is a method of fishing that uses lines suspended from floating jugs to catch fish in lakes or rivers. Founder and President of Rods 4 Warriors, Thomas Moore said state and city regulations for how many hooks can be on a jug are different.

“State regulation has up to five hooks, this city, our city regulation is two hooks per jug, up to to 20 jugs per family unit," said Moore.

Oklahoma Game Warden, Chris Stover said you have to check your jugs once every 24 hours and have your name and address written or attached on the jug. He said it’s important to pick the jugs up once you’re done fishing.

“Sometimes they leave them, sometimes they lose them and without picking those up it can become a hazard or entangled in something. Typically when we find those we will cut them and remove them from the lake if we’re able to,” said Stover.

Moore has been jug lining for five years and said people need to be cautious of where they put the jug lines. He said jugs cannot be put south of buoys during specific months at Lake Latonka.

“That’s where all the boaters hangout and go jet skiing and stuff. That way they don’t get tangled up, skier doesn’t fall and get wrapped up, it doesn’t get in your prop, all that stuff. Lake Ellsworth on the other hand, they have a lot more area to jug line, you have to still be aware, and that’s why they like them to be brightly marked white and brighter colors that way boaters can see then and we don’t have those issues," said Moore.

Moore fishes a couple times a week. He said he’s a veteran and this is his way to relax and get out of the house.

“It’s really therapeutic and it’s kind of my safe place, and you know that thrill of being out here with one or two people, it’s not crowded and possibility of catching that big 65, 80 pounder just makes you keep coming back and I enjoy it," said Moore.

He said it’s good to check your jugs every one to two hours so the fish are not on there too long. For more information on the regulations you can visit

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