Lawton’s new city manager outlines goals

Lawton’s new city manager outlines goals

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - Lawton’s new city manager is getting adjusted to his new job which he started last Monday. Michael Cleghorn retired from the military after serving 21 years. Shortly after retiring, he started working in city government.

So far, he’s made a list of four goals that he’d like to work on now that he’s city manager. His first goal is increasing the visual representation of Lawton. He said this is something he and the new mayor, Stan Booker, strongly agree on. Cleghorn said one way they could make the city look better is sweeping the streets.

“Now, street sweeping is not just a tool we use to increase the visual presentation of the city, but it also helps to mitigate our stormwater pollution issues,” he said. “So, the more leaves and organic matter instilled in our stormwater system impacts our creeks and lakes and rivers.”

He said other things that can be done are fixing potholes in the roads and keeping the grass cut. Cleghorn said the city will try to maximize money from the city budget to make that happen. Another goal he has is to figure out where city officials can gain efficiencies, and he hopes to do that as they’re starting the budget process this month.

“I like to seek input from department heads and take those ideas and see if there is anything that can be gained out of those to develop a more efficient operation,” Cleghorn said.

Increasing customer service is also on top of his list. Finally, he wants more transparency between the city and those who live in Lawton. He said technology is always changing and the ways people get information is also changing.

“How do we touch as many people as we can,” he asked. “We'll work towards that and with the mayor and city council to do that."

Cleghorn also hopes to come up with a new vision, mission, purpose, and values for Lawton. He hopes to have a new mission statement finished in the next 30 days.

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