Local expert explains tax filing changes

Local expert explains tax filing changes

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - While some people have already filed their taxes and already received their refund, there’s still time for those of us that still need to do. Melanie Gilbee, the senior center tax aid coordinator, said the biggest change people are seeing is the form.

"It looks way different than before," Gilbee said. "It's a little confusing for people when they come in this year. They don't look the same and they don't run the same."

Last year, the form was two pages with all of your income and adjustments on one page and taxes paid on the second. Gilbee said that’s not the case this year. Not only did the form change but she said the standard deductions almost doubled from what it was.

"Last year, as a single, I believe it was $6,300,” Gilbee said. “This year your standard deduction as a single is $12,000."

She said the changes have made it to where a lot of people don't have to itemize like they did last year. She said things were done to offset some of the changes.

“Last year, for every person on your return you got an exemption credit of $4,000... that’s gone. There is no more exemption credit, but then they doubled the child tax credit from $1,000 to $2,000,” Gilbee said.

Gilbee said it's been stressful for them because they didn't have the new forms when they trained. She asks for people to have patience.

"We have more consent forms that you have to fill out and sign,” she said. “We've got that we have to explain, we have to put in the system. It's taking longer to get them done this year because we have extra steps we're having to do."

Anyone can come into the Center for Creative Living to get their taxes done for free as long as they’re not bringing in taxes for a large business. Besides bringing all the tax documents needed, Gilbee also suggests that people bring their social security card with them too.

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