“Snownado” in Northwestern New Mexico

“Snownado” in Northwestern New Mexico
Source: CNN

TORREON, NM (TNN) - A rancher filmed a weak land spout that touched down in the Eastern Navajo Nation in Torreon, New Mexico on Monday.

I know what you are thinking this must be some form of fancy Photoshop because there’s no way this is real. However it is quite real. How can we get this?

Well, what happened in this case is we had a snow storm come through a couple days prior to this event happening.

A snow storm produced the dry fluffy snow that we like, unless we are wanting to throw a snowball or build a snowman.

Then a few days later a thunderstorm came through and it was able to spin up a very very weak tornado that meteorologists would call a landspout.

This landspout then picked up the snow and we were able to see the snow in the column of spinning air. Thus we get a “snownado.”

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