Man arrested for Geronimo trailer theft

Geronimo Grand Larceny

GERONIMO, OK (TNN) - A Geronimo man is behind bars and facing charges in the theft of a trailer thanks to the quick action and teamwork of two police departments and a well-placed security camera.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Geronimo Police Department received a report that a trailer with seven ricks of fire wood on it was stolen from a house. Fortunately, the entire crime was caught on surveillance video.

Geronimo Police Chief David Johnston said as soon as he saw the surveillance video, he knew who was responsible for the crime.

"I had stopped the vehicle and written the driver a citation about a week and a half earlier, so I had all of his information. I was told that he possibly had a girlfriend in the Walters area,” Johnston said.

Chief Johnston said the video showed 26-year-old Nicholas Parker. He called Walters Police Chief Tommy Stranahan to tell him about the crime and sent him pictures of the truck. Within a few hours, they located the vehicle, the trailer and Parker at a gas station in Walters. The firewood was recovered the next day. Johnston said he’s thankful for the help from the Walters Police Department but said the real break in the case came from the help of the resident who reported the theft.

"The more eyes I have the better off we are. Especially in this case, a private citizens home security is pretty much what broke this case. Because we had no idea who did this until we saw that video,” Johnston said.

Cases like this are exactly why Johnston encourages everyone to have some kind of security camera at their home.

"You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a home security system. Even a $100 game camera works really well. It’s an investment that is well worth its money because the first time you get burglarized it’s going to pay for itself,” Johnston said.

Parker is now facing charges in two counties for the crime, Grand Larceny in Comanche County and Knowingly Concealing Stolen Property in Cotton County.

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