Holy City of The Wichitas prepares for Easter Pageant

Holy City of The Wichitas prepares for Easter Pageant

LAWTON, OK (TNN) -The Holy City of the Wichitas has been around for many years and is currently preparing for their 94th Annual Easter Pageant.

The Holy City is looking to raise money to help make improvements to the area. They are based off donations alone and do not charge to get on the grounds of the Holy City or to attend the Easter Pageant.

The Holy City was founded in 1926 and since then has been known to host the longest running Easter Pageant in the USA. Caretaker of The Holy City, Deena Dolch said improvements to the structure need to be made.

“Everything is just old, everything needs to be updated. The structures are old, they’re starting to deteriorate, the mortar is starting to crumble so it takes a lot to keep the Holy City going everyday," said Dolch.

She said she wants the Holy City to be around for a long time to continue what the founder, Reverend Wallock started.

“Our Easter pageant portrays Jesus’s life from his birth all the way from resurrection and I want to continue that, I want the Holy City to be here for the future generations for them to come out and enjoy it, see it and celebrate Jesus’s life and have something to tell their children,” said Dolch.

Dolch said the Holy City brings a lot of memories to families.

“There’s people that come in all the time that are bringing their grand kids and they themselves came when they were a little kid and now they’re bringing their grand kids out here to see it, and I tell everyone you have to come out and experience it for yourself. I can’t describe the feeling you get when you’re out here," said Dolch.

You can go to the Holy City of The Wichitas website for more information on how to help. Dolch said they are still looking for volunteers for the Easter Pageant and to help up keep the grounds.

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