Pieces of history make its way back to Lawton Fire Department

Pieces of history come back to Lawton Fire Department

LAWTON, OK (TNN) -One of Lawton’s first motorized fire trucks will be making it’s way back to its original home at Central Fire Station downtown.

After a unanimous vote Tuesday night at the city council meeting, The Lawton Fire Department will get a 1913 fire truck along with an 1850s horse drawn hose cart. Both were once utilized in Lawton before being stored at a museum in Oklahoma City.

Central Fire Station was placed on the National Register of Historic Places a few years ago. Fire Chief Dewayne Burk said having these units in Lawton would allow them to bring some pieces of history back.

“At least one of them responded out of this facility. We have photographs that date back to when this facility was opened that show this truck sitting in front of the station and to me to be able to tie that kind of stuff together you know, if you don’t hang on to that then you lose it and often times you never get a chance to get that back," said Burk.

The museum where the units are stored is currently in the planning stages of doing an expansion and have several similar units to where they are able to donate these specific two back to Lawton.

Fire Chief Burk said they were contacted by the grandson of the fire chief at the time the station was built and offered to donate some of his gear to the station.

“If we get the chance to get that stuff we’ll have that memorabilia to go with the fire station, and then just to bring some of the equipment back, that’s a complete puzzle in a way, and so we couldn’t be more excited, at least this guy is pretty excited about it," said Burk.

He said they are currently looking into making Central Fire Station into an administrative facility for the fire department. They would like to display both units along with other historical memorabilia from the Lawton Fire Department there.

“For us it’s the same feeling of a kid at Christmas, and so we love getting those things, and to me this is just as exciting if not even more exciting than getting a new one, is to get an old one like this back," said Burk.

He said they would love for the public to come out and see these items when they get it all together at Central Fire Station.

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