Man who suffered stroke learns to read and write again

Man who suffered stroke learns to read and write again

LAWTON, OK (TNN) -A Lawton man has been re-learning to read and write following a massive stroke a few years ago.

Byron Tapia lost the ability to do a lot of everyday things, but with the help from a retired high school teacher, he continues to progress each week.

“He’s so rewarding to work with, he keeps learning and he keeps trying, so I like to see him progress makes me feel good to see that," said Hobbs.

Byron Tapia suffered from a stroke over three years ago and had to spend about five months at a hospital in Norman. He was not able to feed himself or barely speak.

Tapia has been working with retired high school teacher, Tommye Hobbs for six months now. He said it’s been a journey getting to where he is today.

“The easiest thing is to get some help. The hardest thing is following through with it, moving from right here to something different," said Tapia.

He said he originally went to the library to get some help first, and eventually was brought to the Center for Creative Living where he meets with Hobbs once a week.

“We started just on alphabet, learning the letters, just the letters, and we got through the alphabet and I know it took us forever to get to the L’s and that was a big accomplishment, Oh we got through half the alphabet, and then finally we got through all the letters where he could write the letters and when I held up the card and he would know what the letter was," said Hobbs.

Tapia then moved to reading and writing. He said anyone going through something like this should do something about it."

“Get some help and laugh at yourself, because otherwise you’re just gonna die, there’s no reason, what reason would there be unless you make a mark. If you’re not making a mark, what good is it,” said Tapia.

Hobbs said she enjoys being able to work with Tapia.

“I feel good to be able to help somebody, and you know once a teacher, always a teacher," said Hobbs.

Tapia is able to work with Hobbs thanks to the Center for Creative Living for the many services they offer seniors on a weekly basis.

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