Freedom elementary students taste grown vegetables in tower garden

Freedom Elementary students taste grown vegetables in tower garden

LAWTON, OK (TNN) -Freedom Elementary’s student council has been growing vegetables and herbs in the school’s tower garden.

This is the third year they have had the tower garden at the school. Each year they like to start fresh. They planted different things from radishes, carrots, lettuce, and different herbs.

Freedom Elementary is the only school in Oklahoma and the only military school in the nation to achieve Gold Status through the Alliance for Healthier Generation.

With this recognition, they must be able to produce something the students can eat. Student Council Sponsor, Angie Wilmoth said it’s important for the students to learn where and how things are grown.

“We’ve talked about the whole growing process, we’ve talked about aeroponic and hydroponic growing versus regular traditional gardening and how its something you can do anywhere, inside, outside, and still have fresh vegetables and that’s part of our healthy fit and Gold Status," said Wilmoth.

The students first germinated the seeds, and within three weeks they are ready to be placed in the garden. Once those are ready to come out, they place more in. Student council members said they have enjoyed this experience and of course being able to eat what they’ve grown.

“It’s really good. I like it better than usual for some reason, I just like the way it taste in the tower gardens more," said Drew Hurd.

“I like how we watch it grow, we help it grow, and how we eat it to make sure it taste good because really it does, but I just like how we do this it’s fun for me," said Jordan Druschke.

This week they got to eat lime rice and guacamole with fresh cilantro, along with carrots and lettuce. Wilmoth said she loves when the students get to see the finished product they helped create.

“Our Pre-K kids all the way to our fifth grade stop everyday when they go by and just look at all the different changes in the plants, and they are so excited when they see the flowers bloom and we have cucumbers blooming back here, and just the difference they see everyday, and I love that that is something that they can all take value in our school," said Wilmoth.

She said they are working throughout the whole school to show the kids that healthy food is good and better for you. They do this by providing healthy lunches and snacks.

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