UPDATE: Questions remain after Monday night shooting in Lawton

Lawton shooting update

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - Lawton Police have interviewed several witnesses to a Monday night shooting but at this point, they’re still working to determine who pulled the trigger.

Police say there were several people, including family members and neighbors, at the scene of the shooting when they arrived. All of those people have already been interviewed, but at this point there are no clear answers as to who the shooter was.

Police got to the house at Northwest 45th and Floyd around 7:00 p.m. Monday. One man had been shot and was taken to a hospital.

"The reason for the altercation and what exactly is unknown right now and we’re still working on piecing it together. In every situation there’s always two or three sides to the story. You want to make sure you get an accurate story of exactly what happened, that way when you go back and collect evidence and get testimony from people, you can piece it together and everything comes together accurately,” said Sergeant Timothy Jenkins with the Lawton Police Department.

Jenkins said they are working to put those pieces together through interview with the witnesses.

"Having those witnesses and people cooperate from the victim, to people who were just passing by and saw something. Having them cooperate and give us accurate details is very important to us in our investigation. We want to make sure that any case we get solved, we get it solved accurately and put the bad guy behind bars if that’s what need be,” Jenkins said.

So far, those interviews haven’t given them information that can lead to an arrest. But Jenkins is hopeful that changes.

"Anytime you’re involved in a traumatic incident, whether it be a shooting or an accident or anything, your details get cloudy because you’re experiencing that traumatic event and it just happened. When you calm down and settle down, you’re able to talk and remember things accurately. We want to give anybody in any incident a space to get their thoughts together so if we have to call you in tomorrow or the next day, things like that, just so you have time to go and thing about what happened and get an accurate depiction of what happened and then come back and tell us,” Jenkins said.

If you have any information about the crime, you’re encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at (580) - 355 - INFO.

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