Local construction company to build sidewalks in liquidation settlement with city

Local construction company to build sidewalks in liquidation settlement with city

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - The Lawton City council has reached a potential settlement with a company that failed to finish several street construction projects from the 2012 CIP on time. The council met in executive session to talk about the liquidated damages and how the company plans to pay off its debt.

The settlement they reached with A.E. Construction was for a little more than $180,000. Councilman Caleb Davis said the local company will pay their debt by doing sidewalk projects in the city.

"Some unfortunate things happened to get them in liquidated damages, and they're able to not just pay this back in a way that goes to the general fund, and nobody sees it but to actually give back to the community in construction projects," he said.

He said the city has identified the repair of roads and the building of sidewalks as the most important needs for the City of Lawton which is why they're allowing them to build sidewalks. Davis said the company will lay 8,000 square feet of sidewalks near schools in Lawton and build a sidewalk bridge off 53rd street north of Gore where many students walk every day.

"So, the citizens will be able to see... yes it was frustrating, it was a bad situation, but we have a great contractor, a local contractor that does really good work and they're paying off their debt to the city by doing these sidewalks," Davis said.

He said both the city and company are happy with the settlement. Davis said they haven't decided exactly where all of the sidewalks will go just yet.

The council also approved a donation of 220 rugged laptops from Centerpoint Energy, selling part of a Stephens Park on Cache Road and adding the design of phase two to phase one of the Ad Valorem Street and Roads Program.

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