Local family launches fundraiser for two-year-old’s surgery

Local family launches fundraiser for two-year-old’s surgery

HENRIETTA, TX (TNN) - Lyric Aylor was born almost two years ago weighing just 1.4 pounds. She was born extremely premature, at just 25 weeks, and had not yet fully developed. She spent the first 205 days of her life - half a year - at the Cooks Children’s Hospital and Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth.

Due to her premature birth, Lyric has a build up of scar tissue that completely closes off her airway. She has lived her short life with a breathing tube called a trach tube that has been placed directly into her windpipe to help her breathe.

Because of the trach tube, Lyric must be monitored around the clock. The Aylor family receives assistance from nurses 20 hours out of the day to help with Lyric’s around the clock care.

“Somebody has to be monitoring her 24 hours a day, we always have somebody awake in the house,” Lyric’s Grandfather and Guardian Dewayne Aylor told News Channel 6. “My wife quit her job in order to stay home.”

If the trach tube is knocked out by accident or malfunctions, her caretakers have a matter of seconds to correct it before Lyric loses consciousness.

Dewayne says surgery will help Lyric live a life without the trach tube. The surgery, called Cricotracheal Resection will remove part of the airway that is affected by the scar tissue and reattach the remaining, healthy airway.

But Cook’s Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth can’t perform the surgery, so they have referred Lyric to a specialist hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio that can.

“The recovery time will be at least a month, maybe longer,” Dewayne said. “We’ll have to spend a lot of time up there in order to have someone with her."

Dewayne says his wife, Andria, will be staying in Cincinnati throughout Lyric’s recovery; he will have to travel back and forth in order to run his business and hold things down at home.

“We are fortunate that Medicaid would cover the medical expenses, but need to pay for living/traveling expenses if we go out of state,” Andria wrote in a Facebook post.

A special account has been set up at Legend Bank to help pay for the family’s food, lodging, travel, and other related expenses.

Donations can be made to the “Dewayne Aylor Special Account” at Legend Bank locations, including those in Henrietta, Wichita Falls, Bowie, and Nocona.

Donations can also be made over the phone by calling 940-538-5112.

“Any amount small or large will be a blessing to the family and very much appreciated,” The Aylors say.

The family is also selling t-shirts to help raise funds. Shirts can be ordered from Facebook or by calling Cori at 940-631-8323.

The family has set up a public Facebook group where updates will be posted.

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