Lawton doctor appointed to state board, hoping to improve rural health care

Doctor appointed to board

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - A Lawton doctor recently appointed to a state-wide board by Governor Kevin Stitt says she’s excited to begin tackling the issues of rural Oklahoma.

Doctor Jean Hausheer was appointed to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority Board last Thursday. Dr. Hausheer said she is excited for her new role, but this isn't the first time she's served in our state. She is currently the President of the Oklahoma State Medical Association, which she will be leaving to take on her new role. The first thing on her agenda when she gets started? Finding solutions for health care problems in small town Oklahoma.

Dr. Hausheer said the Oklahoma Health Care Authority Board focuses primarily on one issue.

"That’s the body here in the state that oversees the Medicaid and all aspects of that, both financially and in rules and various aspects,” Hausheer said.

Dr. Hausheer hasn’t attended her first board meeting yet, that will be April 1, but said once she does, she wants to bring the issues of small town Oklahoma to the forefront.

"I really have a heart for the rural area because our patients come to us sicker, more end stage illness, more complex diseases and we’ve really got to try to create better ways of getting physicians to want to stay and work in our rural areas. I’d like to see our hospitals stay afloat better and our nursing home areas and skill nursing homes stay afloat,” Hausheer said.

Dr. Hausheer said she can bring a unique perspective to the board because she has been a doctor for nearly 40 years, working in both urban and rural areas.

"Rural is a different game. Patients don’t seek their health care until a pretty late stage. They’re different in that regard. They get busy, they have jobs and they can’t leave their jobs to go see their doctor and they can’t get rides and things like that. It’s just a lot of different things that play into that,” Hausheer said.

Two other Lawton residents were also appointed to boards by Governor Kevin Stitt. Phil Kennedy, the President of Comanche Lumber Company was also appointed to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority Board. Hossein Moini, owner of Adventure Travel in Lawton, was appointed to the Board of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

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