Two bills at the Capitol could provide tax credit to IT graduates

Two bills at the Capitol could provide tax credit to IT graduates

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - Two bills at the Oklahoma Capitol would provide tax credit ranging from 1,800 to 2,200 dollars for I-T college graduates who choose to stay in Oklahoma.

If these bills pass, Cameron student Kavis Murry Jr said he believes this will be a great reward for diving into such a challenging degree.

“IT degrees and computer science degrees are rather brutal to get through, so having something like that on the other side of the finish line is just going to convince people that much more to go through with it,” said Murry.

Murry got involved in the computer science degree after taking animation classes at Great Plains Technology Center in high school.

Murry said that, “my instructor there told me that pursuing computer would be the best way to proceed in my career choice.”

At Standley Systems, VP Josh Ravan says that the technology trend is going nowhere, and that companies who haven’t gotten on board will soon be left behind.

“Software and technology is the future. It definitely has changed every single industry, every vertical and how people do business," said Ravan.

According to US News, Oklahoma has the 5th lowest cost of living price. Katherine Rice, the CEO of Future of Fun said that if Oklahoma focused on technology more, that can have an immediate impact on growing job opportunities across the state.

“We have a competitive advantage because everything is cheaper here, that with us building better skills in the technology sector, that makes us a prime target for larger tech companies,” said Rice.

Rice also says that the generation leaving school right now has a much larger focus on technology because it's something they grew up with. She said the early involvement with software on social media changed how younger generations view it.

“Learning how to create a web presence on social sites like MySpace was a way of teaching us how to brand ourselves, which is important in today’s world," Rice said.

Murry says the transition he has seen in the technology field was another major factor in choosing to pursue this degree.

“Technology has grown greatly since I was little boy and there are so many opportunities and so many different things you can do in that field, that I feel like there will always be jobs.," said Murry.

Brad Cooksey, the President of the Lawton Economic Development Corporation said right now bringing technology jobs to Lawton is number one on their priority list.

Both Bills have passed through their respective chambers.

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