Vandalism in Anadarko causes authorities to enforce curfew

Vandalism in Anadarko causes authorities to enforce curfew

ANADARKO, OK (TNN) - Authorities in Anadarko are enforcing a curfew for minors after brand new farm equipment was destroyed by vandals.

Officials say a trackhoe was being used for a sewer project. They say the vandals used a metal pipe to knock out the windows and control panels, leaving the city with thousands of dollars in repairs.

Police are now being asked to enforce a curfew, which they say will help keep everyone accountable.

“All of us are working very hard right now to try and improve our city. We’ve done a lot the last couple of years,” said Anadarko City Manager Kenneth Corn. “We want to be good stewards of our tax money and it’s unfair for everybody to have to pay for the mischief of other people."

Police say that if teens are not inside by 10 p.m., they will issue tickets, not only to the teen for breaking curfew, but to parents for failing to control their child.

Meanwhile, authorities are working to identify the vandals.

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