Salvation Army pantry nearly empty

Salvation Army pantry nearly empty

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - Salvation Army officials in Lawton say they’re running out of food to give to those in need. Right now, they have only 14 boxes ready to give to families who come in, but they don't have enough food in their pantry to put together anymore.

David Robinson with the Salvation Army said they have new families needed food but they're just not getting donations like they used to. The shelves at the pantry are bare or have very little food on them.

“We just want to be able and prepared to serve those people that come to us with that need of being hungry,” he said.

Major David Robinson said they're helping more and more families every month. They were using the food they got from Share Your Christmas and food drives at local schools.

"And we've just kinda run out of that and as you look around, the shelves are empty,” he said. “There is nothing else in the back to bring up."

Desiree Bowman got food on Friday. She said she moved to Lawton in January and has been coming here as her family tries to get on their feet. It makes her a little nervous to see how empty it is.

"When I go home and look at my cupboards, they look similar to these pantries,” Bowman said. “So, if I'm thinking about next month, come the end of the month, and I come back because that's when I come back is towards the end of the month it looks like I might be in a little bit of trouble. If they're not able to get help, then I can't get help."

If they see someone coming in month after month, Major Robinson said they go through a process before giving them more food. He said they have them meet with the poverty initiative director to see why they're needing help every month and where their money is going.

“We try not to be just ‘here it is,’” he said. “There has to be a reason behind it and like we said, over half our people are brand new, first time coming in asking for food or how we go about getting food.”

Major Robinson said seeing the shelves like they are now is worrisome for him and everybody else who works at the Salvation Army.

"Just to keep seeing people walk through the door, asking. You hear them ask for food and you say 'Ok God, where is the next box coming from? Who is coming to our rescue?' and so we just want to get the word out to the community because we know that we have a community of heroes, people willing to step into the gap to help and we're just asking today for that help," Major Robinson said.

Major Robinson said he recently placed an order for some food from the Food Bank in Oklahoma City to help them fill their shelves back up.

Canned food, peanut butter, jelly, noodles, and soup are some of the items needed most right now. If you’d like to donate, the Salvation Army open Monday through Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday from 9:30 a.m. to noon.

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