Lawton walk raises awareness for Multiple Sclerosis

Lawton walk raises awareness for Multiple Sclerosis

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - The community came together today to participate in Walk MS. This is a way to connect and advocate for people affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that targets the central nervous system, known to cause symptoms like dizziness, vision problems, and difficulty walking.

Dustin Biven participated in the walk for the fist time in honor of his dad who was diagnosed with M-S for about nine years and passed away this month. He walked carrying a weighted back-pack with a photo of his dad on it.

“To my knowledge his ending weight was no more than about 55 to 60 pounds, so I figured if I could carry that along with some photos of him, it’s kind of my way of bringing him with me along here," said Biven.

Walk MS raises money for research, local programs and services, as well as advocacy efforts with our legislators. Senior Specialist, Ashton Yancey said this event is important because it raises the awareness.

“We recently had another study come out showing the prevalence of MS and before we thought that there was only about 400,000 in the US that has MS, we found that it’s closer 1,000,000. So now we need more efforts to get fundraising going so we can have more local programs and services as well as finding the research into a cure and cause of MS," said Yancey.

Margaret Brown said she’s been diagnosed with MS since 2004 and got involved with the walk shortly after. She was the third highest individual to raise money for the cause at today’s event and 22 across the state last year. She said MS affects everyone differently.

“It’s just good to be over here and see the people and see what they go through, knowing that you’re not alone in it, there’s people willing to help you and do things for you, and it’s just important for me to just be there, just to be there," said Brown.

Yancey said they were able to surpass their goal of raising $16,000.

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