Crews work to clean up oil spill in Duncan

Crews work to clean up oil spill in Duncan

DUNCAN, OK (TNN) - Duncan first responders were called to act swiftly and carefully Sunday afternoon after an oil spill on Highway 81 South in front of Walmart.

It happened just before two o’clock and traffic was filtered to a single lane for several hours while crews worked diligently to keep the contaminants out of the fresh water supply.

“We had an oil spill out on the road," said Captain Aron Coleman, Duncan Fire Department. "The Duncan Police Department is here, the Duncan Fire Department, the Department of environmental quality, to make sure we clean up this spill correctly.”

Captain Coleman says the amount spilled was cause for concern.

“We’re guessing roughly 50 gallons of oil was spilled and anything over 25 gallons has to be reported to the Department of Environmental Quality,” said Coleman.

David Thompson with Environmental Cleanup Inc. says the fire department did excellent work containing the spill and keeping it away from the storm drain until he could get there.

“If it had gone into the storm drain then we’re looking at hours and hours, hundreds of hours in here to clean up the storm sewage system,” said David Thompson, Supervisor at Environmental Cleanup Inc.

The Department of Environmental Quality does not want any of these contaminants to get into the storm drain.

“Because once it gets into the storm drains that gets into the fresh water supply,” said Thompson.

Thompson says they put down a volcanic ash that will soak up any leftover oil from the pavement. The ash will sit overnight.

“We’ll be back tomorrow with a sweeper and sweep everything up and make everything look as good as new,” said Thompson.

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