Temple Elementary School raising awareness with autism awareness day

Temple Elementary School raising awareness with autism awareness day

LAWTON, OK (TNN) -Temple Elementary School celebrated autism acceptance Monday afternoon. Tuesday is World Autism Day, but they celebrated it a day early because of state testing.

Kayleigh Brown, a student at Temple Elementary School, made the bubbles students got to blow. Her little brother is nonverbal autistic, and she wanted to see today happen because she wants her friends to know more about it. Her brother is five and like most five-year-old’s he's active.

"He really loves to jump, and he likes to crash on his crash pad. He loves to swing. He loves feeling those books that have things where you can feel them."

But, Brown said sometimes he yells, and she wants people not to be afraid if they see someone acting differently than them.

Before they celebrated acceptance by blowing the bubbles she made, the students sat down and watched a video to learn more about the disorder.

"Just because they're a little different, doesn't mean they don't want to be friends,” one teacher explained to the students. “Ok? They may just have a little harder time making friends and we need to be able to give them that extra help."

The kids also colored puzzle pieces. Angelia Smith, the school’s principal, said it shows the kids how the pieces all look different, just like how they are all unique, but they will still fit together in the end.

"We're all on this planet together, working together and so everyone is different and you just have to make those puzzle pieces connect," Smith said.

Smith said she wants to celebrate everyone's diversity and tell the kids that it's ok if someone is a little different than they are.

"There is so much negativity in the world that just because somebody may look different or act different that they're still unique and special and everyone needs to be treated with kindness," she said.

If you’d like to raise awareness about autism during World Autism Day, you can wear light blue in recognition of people living with the developmental disorder.

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