‘Legislators in the Community Day’ in Lawton

'State Legislator Community Day' in Lawton

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - State legislators along with community business and civic Leaders now have better insight into the Lawton-Fort Sill community after a day-long tour of several area attractions.

“Goodness happens at the local level and we’re sharing that goodness,” said Brenda Spencer-Ragland, President and CEO of Lawton-Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce.

Legislators in the Community Day was about building and sustaining strong local, state and national level relationships.

“We’re working to make sure that everyone is fully aware and that we’re on the same sheet of music, that we have the same story, the same focus so that we’re moving forward together,” said Spencer-Ragland.

The day kicked off with breakfast at the Hilton Garden Inn. Then the tour of Lawton began. The group drove by different businesses in town including the Casinos, the VA center and the airport while discussing topics like infrastructure, transportation, housing and economic development.

“So, we’re really wanting to educate them on the successes we have and also where we can use some support,” said Spencer-Ragland.

“I learned that we have a tremendous list of people and resources and businesses here that make us maybe a bright spot in the country with some of the positive things that are going on here,” said Rep. Toni Hasenbeck.

The first stop on the day’s agenda was Classic Lawton Chevrolet where owners Erv and Bridgitt Randle talked about why they made Lawton home.

“To see why they came to Lawton and to understand the importance that sometimes those of us that are Lawtonians forget,” said Albert Johnson Jr., the chairman for Lawton-Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce.

Next was a tour of the Museum of the Great Plains which was followed by lunch.

“I learned we’re the fourth brightest spot on the tourism radar in the state of Oklahoma,” said Rep. Hasenbeck.

“The conversations that are going on on the bus, the conversations that will happen over lunch and afterwards will allow us to continue to move this community forward,” said Johnson.

After lunch the group visited Fort Sill and the tour wrapped up with a trip to both the Wildlife Refuge and Medicine Park.

Although this is the first Legislators in the Community Day, many expressed that they would like to see it done annually.

“It’s a good refresher and we have the right folks on the bus," said Johnson. "It gives us the opportunity to talk about the great things going on in our community.”

“I knew at some point today I would learn something new about the depth and richness of this community and I think what I was reminded of that it’s partly my responsibility to share that,” said Rep. Hasenbeck.

“I think it has went really well, bringing everyone together so we have that one common operating understanding of what we have here in southwest Oklahoma that is really great,” said Spencer-Ragland.

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