Owners of Olney diner react to shooting

Owners of Olney diner react to shooting
Authorities tell us no arrests have been made and there are no suspects at this time.

OLNEY, TX (TNN) - The investigation continues following a shooting that took place in a fairly new diner called ‘That Place’ in Olney on Tuesday morning.

“It was a normal day. Breakfast was going as usual,” said Erica Bruce, the co-owner of That Place.

She said three Olney police officers were getting ready to leave when the shooting happened.

“As I was ringing them up we heard glass shatter and I thought one of the glasses had hit the floor and broke,” said Bruce.

However, it was actually a bullet coming through their front window.

“He was like ‘No that was a shot. You need to get in the back and get as low as possible’,” said Bruce.

A witness across the street recorded video on his phone showing fellow officers who rushed to the diner.

"We got a call from Olney stating that three Olney PD officers had been shot at," said Sheriff Travis Babcock, with the Young County Sheriff's Office.

He said the three officers, one who had just finished his shift and the two others who were taking a break, were the only customers in the diner when the shooting took place.

“Nobody was hurt so all officers are back on duty,” said Olney Chief of Police, Conny Clay. “Of course the night time officer is at home and the other day shift are still working.”

“I didn’t know why this had happened. It’s such a quiet little town,” said Bruce. “I couldn’t figure out who on earth would have gone to these lengths to harm somebody, anybody.”

The diner closed early for the day but the owners said they will be back open Wednesday morning. Authorities tell us no arrests have been made and there are no suspects at this time.

The investigation has been turned over to the Young County Sheriff’s Office. If you saw anything on Tuesday morning you are being asked to call the Young Co. Sheriff’s Office at (940) 549-1555.

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