Comanche Police searching for man who attacked a woman at Comanche Lake

Comanche Police searching for man who attacked a woman at Comanche Lake

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - Police are looking for a man who beat and sexually assaulted a woman at Comanche Lake in Stephens County.

Officers said the assault took place in a secluded area of Comanche Lake, a place where driving a car is nearly impossible.

“The victim sustained some serious injuries, none of which were life threatening. The victim was severely beaten and sexually assaulted,” said Police Chief William Straily

Investigators are not saying why they think the woman was in that area, alone, but they do not believe she knows the man who attacked her.

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““This does strike me at this point of the investigation of being a crime of opportunity. I don’t believe this was something was methodically thought or planned out; and was intended to take place that day, I believe this was sheer circumstance,” said Asst. Chief Michael Moore.

The Police Chief said they called in the OSBI to process the crime scene, and he says they found substantial evidence. The victim was also able to provide some very specific descriptions about the man they are looking for.

“Teeth are rotting and missing, He has a deep voice, light red hair, receding hairline, with a buzz cut. Vertical scar on his left cheek right below his eye, and he was wearing a Murray State t-shirt, with the letters being blue,” said Chief Straily.

Moore said until the man is caught, everyone in Stephens County needs to practice caution. He says if you are going somewhere alone, let someone know when you are supposed to arrive so they know when to start worrying.

“With no more information that we have on him, I would caution everybody regardless of what demographic they are dealing with to just keep that description in mind and keep a watchful eye out," says Moore.

The two departments working this investigation said they have no leads.

Because summer is right around the corner, Chief Straily said they plan on having more officers present at the lake every day.

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