Jackson County Memorial Hospital now using ‘germ zapping robots’

Jackson County Memorial Hospital robot

ALTUS, OK (TNN) - New technology that uses ultraviolet light to kill germs is now in use at Jackson County Memorial Hospital.

Cell phones were Wednesday’s patients for Pinky, one of the new germ zapping robots at Jackson County Memorial Hospital.

"It flashes a UVC ray which then destroys the microbes, the pathogenic organisms that are in the environment that could potentially cause infection to our patients, health care workers or anyone else in that environment,” said Infection Prevention Coordinator Mary Jencks.

Essentially, the blue pulses sent out by the machine kill all of the germs living on surfaces in the area.

"We currently use this machine every day in our OR rooms, terminal cleans in every OR suite. The machine is used in each one of those rooms. Then with our isolation patients, those patients that are put in higher precautions for MRSA or CDIV or any other multi drug resistant isolation,” Jencks said.

Jencks said this is not the only thing they use to clean the rooms, but it serves as an extra layer of defense against what has become a huge problem.

"Hospital acquired infections are an international priority. Hospitals around the world, it’s a big deal and if we have an extra tool in our arsenal, if you will, of protecting our patients,” Jencks said.

The machines cost $100,000 each, which was paid for entirely by donations by auxiliary volunteers at the hospital.

While it is from a different manufacturer, they have similar technology at Comanche County Memorial Hospital.

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