What to do about robocalls

What to do about robocalls
There were an estimated 48 billion robocalls in 2018.

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - On a good day, Katie Britt gets only a few robocalls, but on a bad one 15-20.

“I wish they would stop,” Britt said.

She’s taken steps to try to stop them, but it’s only slowed them down.

“I have done the do not call list, it doesn’t work it hasn’t been helpful at all," she said. "I just use the call protect app that comes from AT&T because that’s my provider.”

48 Billion robocalls were reported last year, many of those coming from spoofed numbers making it difficult to block.

The Federal Communications and Trade Commissions are working to stop those calls.

The FCC recommends not answering calls from unknown numbers, but if you have to, be sure to never give out personal information like passwords, account numbers, or even your mother’s maiden name. Never answer questions, especially yes or no ones.

The FCC and FTC recommend using blocking software and apps, like the one Britt uses.

“I’ll use that a lot, but most of the time I end up blocking those numbers as they come through but I never answer them," she said. "I just let people leave me a message and I’ll call them back if it’s a real call.”

While those won’t stop the calls completely, it will help to slow them down so you know when an important call is coming in.

“The most annoying part about is when they’re calling you in a meeting, and you don’t know if it’s an important call or not, and you have to stop it quickly because it’s vibrating the table or something and I hate that," Britt said. "It’s more of a nuisance than anything else, I wish we had a way to stop it.”

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