Drill Sergeants evaluate Eisenhower High School JROTC

Drill Sergeants evaluate Eisenhower High School JROTC

LAWTON, OK (TNN) -Drill sergeants from Fort Sill are evaluating Eisenhower High School JROTC as part of their annual Drill Sergeant Evaluation.

Evaluations last all week. JROTC Cadets are being evaluated over drills, knowledge, and their appearance.

This is the 25th year Eisenhower High School has conducted these inspections. Wednesday’s evaluation was the inspection of the uniform.

Staff Sergeant Robert Eaton said they inspect placement of awards, pins, ribbons, how the uniform is worn, and making sure that hair is in compliance with the JROTC standards. He said it’s a great experience working with the JROTC cadets.

“Personally I enjoy it quite a bit. They have a lot of questions in between the events that we support them with, and I’m just happy to answer any questions I can and help set them up in their future endeavors in the military," said Staff Sergeant Eaton.

Battalion Commander, Hannah Taylor is the highest ranking cadet and in charge of the Eisenhower Eagle Battalion.

“My favorite thing has to be seeing all the cadets grow because I know that I was at the bottom once, and you know growing into that leader that you want to be is something that’s so good inside. When you see the progress in the battalion and where they use to be at, and to where we came to now at the end of the school year, is such an amazing feeling because you know you did your job as a battalion commander," said Taylor.

Senior Army Instructor, James Taylor said he hopes all cadets take away key aspects from participating in JROTC.

“So we want them to learn leadership, learn teamwork which is the key to our success, and we want them to learn supporting each other, values, Army values, loyalty, duty, respect, those things. If they can do those things, we’ve done our job," said Taylor.

After each drill evaluation, the top cadet will be awarded. Taylor said an award ceremony will be held at the end of the month.

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