MERC to host emergency training next week

MERC to host emergency training next week

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - Lawton’s Medical Emergency Response Center, also known as MERC, plans to help local organizations get prepared for severe weather season.

MERC is responsible for emergency planning for more than 275 different agencies across southwest Oklahoma. Next week, they will provide emergency planning tips to nursing homes and hospitals, so they know the steps to take if a disaster strikes.

MERC will use their meetings Wednesday and Thursday to teach the nursing homes and hospitals, and specifically ones in rural areas how to handle crisis situations.

Typically, the plans they produce are for large staffs, but the nursing home training will be designed to help small staffs know exactly what to do when they need to react quickly.

The response center's main priority is to coordinate hospitals, ambulances and other community organizations on what they should do when an emergency strikes, like the power goes out in the hospital, or when hospitals have problems and need to relocate patients.

They chose to host the meetings early next week because severe weather season is here, and they want to help businesses not only come up with an emergency plan, but feel confident in that plan as well.

“For a lot of places, it’s kind of scary for them because they still are like what do we do? How do we respond and a lot of places have things that they do, but sometimes it’s getting that process on paper, and making sure all of the employees are confident and comfortable in their response procedures," said MERC system coordinator Alana Pack.

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