Temple businesses under repair after weekend storm damage

Temple businesses under repair after weekend storm damage

TEMPLE, OK (TNN) - Repairs are underway on Boot Jack and Rockin H Land & Cattle Co. in Temple after strong storms damaged the businesses Saturday. The owner of those businesses, Robert Hale, said the roof from Boot Jack was blown off by the strong winds, and landed on Rockin H and part of a building next door.

Saturday was supposed to be a busy night at Rockin H, as it was prom night for many area high schools, and students had reservations set.

But just after 4 p.m., a storm passed through Temple, destroying parts of the restaurant.

“Ripped the roofs off, chunks of concrete came flying through, the building shook, tore up the kitchen, broke dishes, I mean, it was crazy,” said Hale. “Just, thank God we weren’t open. There was a couple of staff members here, some had left, I had just left, probably five minutes and was on my way back, when it hit I wasn’t actually here. It was crazy, it just happened so quickly.”

Kristen Burrow, a server at Rockin H, was the first one to see the damage.

“I just saw a big hole in the ceiling and debris everywhere and no employees are around," said Burrow. "I was the first one to walk through the front door, but little did I know they were all in the back where there was way more damage.”

One employee’s car that was parked behind the building was covered by part of the fallen roof.There was also damage to their walk-in cooler, freezer, and air conditioning unit.

“It should be very costly," said Hale. "Every day that I’m closed... because our weekend is our busiest time and we’re fully staffed, fully stocked up and ready to go, and you know, we lost this whole weekend.”

But Hale said the damage could have been much worse.

“We’re just glad that there’s no injuries," said Hale. "Of course, vehicles, buildings, this can be replaced, but we’re just so happy and fortunate that no one was injured and all our staff and customers and crew are safe. That’s the main thing.”

Hale said they have already started cleaning up and restoring the restaurant, and have even had some help from volunteers in the community.

“Our employees are really good. They’ve been on top of things and they’ve been helping a lot, and we’re all ready cause, you know, this is our livelihood. This is the way we make a living," said Hale. "So, we’re ready to get back going and get things going and it’s not going to slow us down long. I think we’ll be rocking here again before we know it.”

Hale said that there is still a lot of work to be done, but he hopes to be open again by this weekend

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