Man riding across country stops in Duncan

Man riding across country stops in Duncan

DUNCAN, OK (TNN) - A man riding a bike from Tijuana to Canada made a stop in Duncan Friday.

Bob Hood is riding as party of the non-profit organization 3 Country Ride. They raise money for Breast Cancer Research.

Hood stopped Friday in Duncan where he spoke to mayor Ritchie Dennington.

Hood says he is talking to mayors and public figures at all of his stops in order to raise awareness for breast cancer, and says he hopes through the non-profit’s fundraising efforts, they can make it something much easier to beat.

“But in the end we want to cure this disease. We want to make it to where your daughters and granddaughters, if they have this disease, it’s just a simple pill or injection and then it’s gone. So the whole pain that it causes is just gone forever," said Hood.

He says it will take him 83 days to get to his destination in Canada.

Hood is inviting others to ride along with him, as well, and is posting his locations on the 3 Country Ride Facebook page.

His next stop after Duncan is Chickasha.

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