Community helping local business owner reopen after fire

Community helping local business owner reopen after fire

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - A small business in Lawton is closed for the time being after it was damaged by a fire, but community members are trying to make sure it doesn't stay closed long. The fire happened at a party store off 19th and Ferris Avenue Wednesday afternoon.

Stephanie Alvarado, the owner of Stephanie's House of Fun, said she was in there with her two kids when the fire started. She said she rushed her kids out before calling 911.

"I'm just glad that we're alive and that my girls are ok," Alvarado said.

Alvarado said she expected all the piñatas in her business catch fire, but only four caught fire. Some of her stock has minor damage to, but most don't have any damage. She said she's thanking God that it wasn't worse.

"I know that I could've lost everything,” Alvarado said. “And I came back into the store yesterday right away after the firefighters were done cleaning up and just to see that more than half of my inventory is still here, that's a blessing."

Friends and local business owners started showing up Thursday to show support and help Alvarado get her store reopened.

"We just owe it to her as a community member, and a good person, to come out and help her,” friend Kat Funaki said. “I had the time, so I came."

Toni Elkey, a nearby business owner, came by and saw she needed more cleaning supplies, so she ran to the store to get them for her.

"I just felt that if something were to happen to me at my little shop, I would want and appreciate all the help I could get because it's such a stressful time," Elkey said.

Alvarado said she’s thankful for everyone who’s helped so far. She hopes to open back up next week.

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