Easter eggs memorializing child destroyed at Altus park

Altus Daron Murphy

ALTUS, OK (TNN) - A heart-breaking story out of Altus where a family says Easter eggs they created to remember their deceased 9-year-old son were destroyed.

7NEWS first told you about Daron Murphy back in June, when a convoy of people greeted him as he returned home from the hospital. He had been recovering from injuries after being hit by a suspected drunk driver. Daron passed away in September, prompting his family to create Easter eggs in his honor. They spent the last four months hiding them around town, sending a message to not drink and drive. But over the weekend, several of those eggs placed in an Altus park for an Easter egg hunt were destroyed.

"They had been pulled down and crushed into the ground. It really crushed my soul to have somebody take the kindness we put out and destroy it for no good reason is malicious. There’s no reason behind it, it’s just a malicious act,” said Amber Murphy, Daron’s mother.

Amber said she was shocked by the destruction. Unfortunately, his father, Derry, was not.

"It doesn’t surprise me, but it does make me mad. It hurts my heart. It’s not political or anything other than we’re concerned about other people have to deal with the pain we’ve had to go through and having to go through the things we have,” Derry said.

Amber said they have created more than 300 eggs all with the same message.

"We don’t want Daron’s death to be in vain. We don’t want people to just brush it aside and pretend that drinking and driving is not a horrible problem in our world today. We want to make it known that these lives are very important and need to be recognized,” Amber said.

Derry said despite this act of vandalism, Daron’s message to not drink and drive will live on.

"It’s not just drinking and driving, it’s driving under the influence of anything, whether it’s drugs, alcohol, whatever, just don’t do it. Don’t do it. Driving while intoxicated, to me, is the same as picking up a gun and just shooting into a crowd of people and hoping the bullet doesn’t hit anybody,” Derry said.

Amber said they will continue to spread Daron’s message by making more eggs in his honor in the future.

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