Career Day motivates sixth-graders at Bishop Public School

Career Day motivates sixth-graders at Bishop Public School

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - Bishop Public School is preparing students for a range of futures.

A wide variety of professional fields were represented during a Career Day Friday morning, including what we do here at 7News!

“Some of these kids were just beaming with excitement all asking incredible questions,” said Cody Shell, an engineer for Boeing.

Sixth-grade students at Bishop Public School took a break from their normal routine Friday to learn about possible careers.

“Learning from someone who actually works there and what it actually is like gives me a new prospective,” said Braisley Wilson, sixth grade student at Bishop Public School.

Students like Braisley had the privilege to listen to and interact with presenters who shared with them their work passion.

“This has provided a great environment for them to learn and to learn how to learn,” said Gaylon Pinc, Program Management Group.

An owner of a consulting firm made the trip from Tulsa to assure the students that their years at Bishop will help equip them for life.

“Once a bulldog always a bulldog," said Pinc. "I graduated from Bishop went all six years here. It’s good it be here and it’s good to be from here as well. It’s provided a great foundation for me.”

While it may seem early for planning a career,Math teacher Sandra Brierton says sixth-graders are building skills they will need in their professional lives.

“One of the participants we had here actually was one of my former students as an eighth-grader and he interviewed with engineers in eighth grade and he is an engineer for Boeing now,” said Sandra Brierton, a math teacher at Bishop Public School.

“So, it’s really cool getting to talk to the students who were in the same position as me and just seeing so much potential success," said Cody Shell, engineer for Boeing. "It’s really kind of cool seeing from the other side having already been impacted a lot by teachers, seeing the impact they’re still having.”

The presenters ranged from engineer to journalist, from police officer to teacher, from state legislator to physical therapist. Ms. Brierton says the variety of speakers helps give students a glimpse of their possibilities after school.

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