Cleanup underway in Kiowa and Washita Counties after tornado

Cleanup underway in Kiwoa and Washita Counties after tornado

KIOWA COUNTY, OK (TNN) - People in Kiowa County and Washita County are cleaning up after a large tornado touched down overnight.

Tuesday night’s tornado whipped through parts of Southwest Oklahoma destroying homes in it’s wake, but in the midst of overwhelming sadness there’s hope.

“People are just coming in to work and they don’t ask nothing," Tim McCuistion, homeowner. "They just get out of the vehicle and go to work. That is just totally amazing to me.”

Tim McCuiston is one of several people who’s property sustained damage in the tornado.

“It’s hard to know how to handle something like this until you’ve experienced it,” said McCuistion.

Just north of Hobart in Kiowa County a porch was ripped off of this house and two barns were reduced to rubble.

“One Barn was completely gone," Joe Janz, Kiowa County Sheriff. "I believe the other one had quite a bit of damage.”

“The front porch ended up on our house but we were just thankful that nobody got hurt,” said Teresa Jimeson, homeowner.

The tornado continued to a rural area north of Rocky in Washita County where it caused even more damage.

“It’s great in one way and sad in another way," said McCuistion. "We’ve had the most terrific outpouring of people.”

Kristen Ward: Regardless of the damage, those effected consider themselves lucky.

“We’re really glad that it was north of town because we actually tracked it," said Sheriff Janz. "It came across the southwest and if it would have made a different path it would have come across the towns.”

“I just thank the Lord all family was safe and no one got hurt,” said Jimeson.

“People I don’t even know are coming out here bringing stuff," said McCuision. "It’s just an awesome awesome world.”

Clean up will continue for days to come but officials with both Kiowa County and Washita County say flooding is now their main concern as there have already been several water rescues. Authorities have closed off several roads in the area.

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