“THANKS, MAN.”: Simple act of kindness brings teammates together

“THANKS, MAN.”: Simple act of kindness brings teammates together

MARLOW, OK (TNN) - It was an emotional weekend for Marlow’s high school baseball team as they played for the state championship. While they are proud they earned second place, they said they are even more proud about what one of the players did when there were not enough medals for everyone.

Only 22 medals were given out, so a few players were left empty-handed. That spurred the catcher to give his away to another team member he thought deserved it more.

“I said, well, Travis, you’ve been to every practice every morning at 7:30 with the team. You’ve walked to practice in the rain," said Kaden Wilson, junior at Marlow High School. "You’ve worked just as hard as we have, and I don’t think it’s right.”

Wilson is the catcher on the baseball team. After the team came back from the state finals, he gave his friend, Travis Day, a ride home.

Day did not get to play this year, but Kaden said he has been the best teammate, helping everyone and cheering them on.

On the ride home, Travis told Kaden that he wished everyone would have received a medal. So, Kaden gave his to Travis.

“I just really wanted it to be special to Travis, giving him the medal, because we’re not going to look back on the medals or losing in the state finals, we’re going to look back at the memories we made," said Wilson. "I want Travis to have that with him for the rest of his life.”

“I tried to tell him, it’s your medal. You keep it," said Day. "He was like, nope. You’re going to keep this. I’m giving this to you, so you get it. I’m like, ok!”

Day said getting that medal was a dream come true. He also said getting to be in the dugout of a minor league stadium like the Oklahoma City Dodgers was an experience he will never forget.

Both Travis and Kaden will be busy this summer with baseball and workouts. Day said next year he hopes to play right field.

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