Comanche residents raising money for locker rooms, indoor hitting facility

Comanche locker rooms

COMANCHE, OK (TNN) - The Comanche baseball and softball teams will soon be getting a new indoor hitting facility and locker rooms but they need your help to put the finishing touches on the project.

The indoor hitting facility will allow both the baseball and softball teams to still practice whenever we have bad weather, which we know in Oklahoma is fairly often. In addition, it will give each team a locker room, allowing the kids somewhere to store their gear and change before games and practices.

Right now, the students for both teams just change wherever they can find a semi-private area.

"We get in vehicles and change, maybe in the dugout. It just depends,” said baseball player Bryson Evans.

"We either change in the high school bathroom or in cars. It’s very unhelpful because as girls with male coaches, we can’t really change out here. For the younger classmen, they carry around their bags everywhere to all the classrooms so it’s going to be a big part to be able to change and store stuff in here,” said softball player Brooklin Bain.

That's been an issue people living in Comanche have unsuccessfully worked to fix for several years. But this year, Comanche Softball Booster Club Vice President Brooke Miller said they're finally getting the job done.

"I was talking to a friend and her and her husband donated a 60 by 120-foot building and we just kind of ran with it. Literally I went and spoke with Mr. Davidson, we went and spoke to our city manager and we went from there,” Miller said.

So far, concrete has been poured, some of the dirt work has been done and the building is donated. But, they need to raise money around $40,000 to actually put the building up and add insulation to it.

"We have several fundraisers going on right now. We actually have a dad who is doing a hunt that is a drawing. They can buy tickets, they’re 5 for $100 or $25 each. It’s a private hunt, all-inclusive for a full weekend. That is located on both of our booster club pages,” Miller said.

In addition, Superintendent Terry Davidson said you can make a tax-deductible donation to the school that will be put towards the facility. He says he’s thrilled the community is getting this done.

"I’ve been here 24 years and that’s what happens at Comanche. Anytime there’s a need, people step up. This is another example of that. This is a great group of people that are very generous and supportive and everything we’ve accomplished in the last 24 years is a direct result of the generosity of this community,” Davidson said.

They hope to have the building up and ready to go this summer. You can find more information on how to get involved here and here.

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