OHP addressing high water levels at Lake Altus-Lugert

OHP addressing high water levels at Lake Altus-Lugert

LUGERT, OK (TNN) - Lake Altus-Lugert is one area in southwest Oklahoma feeling the impact of the recent heavy rainfall. The lake is now full. The gates have been opened to alleviate the problem... But more rain is expected this weekend.

Lake Altus-Lugert is over 100% capacity, which is why all the gates are open. The state troopers said there has been a lot of debris floating around in the lake, like logs, and even trees.

“It’s the kind of debris that can tear up a boat," said Trooper Chris Newcomb, with Oklahoma Highway Patrol. "In the process of tearing up your boat, may just strand you and cause you to have a safety hazard of not being able to get back to shore or even cause a crash with your boat, could cause people to be injured. So, you need to watch out for debris, kind of keep your speeds down at this time.”

The popular sandy beaches are covered in feet of water. State Trooper, George Hoyle, said he has not seen the lake this full for quite some time.

“The lake as of this morning I believe was 122% capacity," said Trooper Hoyle. "At one point we have more water coming in than was going out. We’ve actually changed. Now there’s more water going out than it’s coming in, but we expect some more water.”

Trooper Newcomb said many people have come out to see the rushing water flowing from the dam. He urges people to not swim near it.

“It sounds impressive. It looks impressive," said Trooper Newcomb. "That tumbling water causes an effect inside the water where if you’re in there, it will suck you down and it won’t let you out.”

More storms and severe weather are expected this weekend, which does not look good for the lake, which already has high water levels.

“All the ponds right now in western Oklahoma are all basically full," said Trooper Newcomb. "So where they normally catch some water, before it ever gets to the lake, they’re not catching any more water. The water goes into those ponds, overflows those dams, over their natural spillways and then continues on down the creek into the lake. So, that’s why these lakes are going to continue now through the rest of the spring to catch a lot of water.”

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