Victim of crash seeks quick-thinking heroes in Lawton

Victim of crash seeks quick-thinking heroes in Lawton

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - A Lawton man is asking for help tracking down two men that came to his rescue after he was hit by a car. It happened last Monday, when the car crashed into a gas station near 63rd and Cache Road.

The driver hit the gas instead of the brakes and pinned a man against a pillar, shattering the glass from the store window. He was rushed to the hospital but now, he’s thanking his doctors, friends, and two guardian angels.

“Before I could even think of what’s going on, there was a car on top of me," said Travis McCullough. "I heard a high rev and I was pinned up against the door frame.”

McCullough was at the Hop n Sack, paying for gas when his life flashed before his eyes. After he was hit, the car rolled backwards. He collapsed on the ground, and two good Samaritans leapt into action.

“There was another gentleman, I guess he’s a field medic who placed a tourniquet on my leg," McCullough said. "Another gentleman reached out to my family to let them know I was in trouble.”

McCullough was rushed to CCMH and was in surgery for nine hours. He has a broken femur, severed arteries and swelling.

“As his wife, I wanted to be able to take that pain away from him, but I can’t," said his wife, Linda McCullough.

With his injuries, he can no longer remodel houses, or cut grass for people. His wife now having to pick up extra shifts at work and his boss, Beverley Martinez, missing out on a good worker.

“He’s good though, he’ll get in and do whatever you need done," said Martinez.

He has three kids and a wife to support, but McCullough says he’s trusting in the Lord. Several people are taking up collections for the family, a testament to Lawton’s giving spirit.

“When Lawton comes together, we have a really great town," said McCullough. "That’s why I like to keep the grass beautiful. We have a beautiful town, beautiful people and everything you could possibly want.”

For the two guardian angels first on scene:

“Without you guys, I wouldn’t be here," he said. "I wouldn’t be able to be with my kids. If I could just shake their hand, or give them a hug. If they just want to come by and say hi. I just thank you for my life because I would have just bled out and that would have been it.”

McCullough said he is grateful for the doctors and the nursing staff at CCMH. He said faculty came together and bought birthday presents for his young daughter, just days after the accident happened. A donation jar has also been set up at Fluffy’s liquor on Cache Road to help with medical expenses.

McCullough has a long road to recovery and a lot of physical therapy. If you’re one of the two men who helped him out, send us an e-mail at and we’ll get you in contact with McCullough.

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