LPS substitute teachers will see a pay raise in the Fall

LPS substitute teachers will see a pay raise in the Fall

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - When school begins in the fall, substitute teachers and personnel who work for LPS will all see a significant increase in their salary--a jump from about 65 dollars a day to 100 dollars.

Every day, there are close to 100 substitutes working throughout the district, and close to 80 of those are in the classroom working with students.

“Our substitutes were not making a decent wage for the job that they do,” said LPS assistant superintendent Barbara Ellis.

Because they need so many substitutes throughout the year, one LPS sub who works in the district office said she believes the increase will help keep their numbers up.

“I’d probably continue regardless of the salary increase, but it will probably bring in more substitute teachers and more substitute personnel,” said support substitute Amber Hubbard.

Ellis said keeping substitutes in the district is vital for them to provide quality education and to have adequate help in the kitchen and front offices of every school in the district.

“We have to have an adult in the classroom, there is no doubt about it. some adult has to be there, so if we don’t have a substitute to put in the place of the classroom, we have to distribute those students into other classrooms. We can’t just leave them alone,” said Ellis.

Ellis said compared to other school districts, the LPS substitute salary was much less than other areas.

Typically, LPS salaries increase every three years, but substitute teachers haven’t seen an increase since 2012.

“As substitutes and temporary employees we did not include them in that particular rotation, so it had been overlooked," said Ellis.

Hubbard said the pay raise will be nice, but says she does this work for other reasons.

“It was more about flexibility, and being able to decide what are the hours looking like, and what does the availability look like,” said Hubbard.

The substitute raise will come out of the district's annual budget.

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