Why to stay off the roads during severe weather

Why to stay off the roads during severe weather

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - The roads are the last place you should be during storms, but professionals say during severe weather is usually an abnormally busy and dangerous time.

One Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper, Bryce Lewallen, said he has seen more people out and about.

“Especially for a Monday, with everybody that should be at work or whatever," said Trooper Lewallen. "I feel like there’s a lot more people out on the roads today.”

Storm chaser, Nicholas Hoad, said congestion on the roads is dangerous for both professionals and amateurs.

“We’re getting a lot of people, you know, they’ll want to come out and chase and they’re not very skilled or don’t have the education behind it to do it safely," said Hoad. "You’ll get a lot of people out on the roads, pulling off, or following you around, stop by stop, and they’re trying to find a place to pull off, and the congestion alone gets dangerous for those that are legitimately trying to assist and help out.”

Trooper Lewallen said underpasses are often the most crowded.

“It obstructs the roadway and could cause a collision," said Trooper Lewallen. "Especially if a tornado’s coming, being underneath an underpass is not the best place to be, at all.”

Instead of going storm chasing, a better alternative is to watch chasers’ live feeds on social media.

“I do live feeds on my Facebook page, which is Darren Beaver, and I post regular updates and information from the National Weather Service as well as from local meteorologists, like Matt DiPirro and Ken Johnson, specifically,” said Darren Beaver, storm chaser.

“Vortex Cinematography and Photography on Facebook. I generally stream live from it to my Facebook, that way they can see what I see," said Hoad. "We’ll do commentary throughout the thing, that way they can kind of see, and I post up everything, you know, where the storm’s trying to head to, that way people can get weather aware in their areas.”

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