Mangum residents thankful to be alive after tornado hits their home

Mangum residents thankful to be alive after tornado hits their home

MANGUM, Okla. (TNN) - Homeowners in Mangum are thankful to be alive after a tornado hit the area Monday. It destroyed two homes and damaged nearly a dozen more.

One of the houses destroyed by the tornado was pushed off its foundation while the owners were inside. Dale Rogers said he was outside watching the tornado with his wife when it took a turn towards their house.

“We didn’t have time but to go into the center of the house and get into the laundry room,” he said.

Dale said this was his first time being in a tornado. He said it was really scary as they watched tin and grass flying around them. Right now, he and his wife are just thankful to be alive.

“We’re really lucky,” Dale said. “We’re really, really lucky that we got out without having any problems. I’m tickled there weren’t any kids or grandkids here, but we’re really, really lucky.”

The tornado also caused damage to his cousin, Rodney Rogers’ home roughly two miles away. Rodney, like Dale, was outside watching the tornado as it approached his house.

“It was coming towards us,” he said. “Normally, the tornadoes come from the southwest and hit the south river down here and follow the river. This one didn’t, and it came straight towards us.”

Once he realized he was in the direct path, he left as quickly as he could with his wife and dog. Part of his roof was ripped off causing major damage to the inside. He said they’re going live in a camper while they make repairs to the home.

“It’s tough,” Rodney said. “We can’t give up…don’t give up. If you get kicked down, you get back up and go again. It’s all you can do.”

Both of them are still a little shaken up but counting their blessings that they’re ok even though their homes are not.

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