Geronimo man looking for help after his house was destroyed by tornado

Geronimo man looking for help after his house was destroyed by tornado

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - A Geronimo man who survived after a tornado tore apart his home Saturday morning with him left trapped underneath the rubble, says he was happy to just make it out alive.

Charles McKinney says he woke up around 7 that morning to the sound of storm he knew was serious...

“From the time I woke up to the time it was over probably less than 10 seconds. I was stuck at first, it took a few minutes but i finally worked my way free and find a spot where I could get out there," said Charles McKinney.

McKinney said he somehow escaped with no injuries. But he now has to start his life over because all of his worldly possessions were either destroyed, or blew away.

“I had five buildings out there, it’s all destroyed. All the trees I had are gone or destroyed. I probably won’t rebuild there, i’ll see what I can get, and see if I can find another place to move onto, I guess,” said McKinney.

Besides the loss of McKinney's house and everything in it, The tornado also destroyed his car collection and a motorcycle.

He said right after the storm he couldn’t even find shoes or clothes, and had to dodge fallen power lines to reach his neighbors 200 yards away.

He now has a GoFundMe page set up, and if anyone wants to help McKinney in any way, the fundraiser page is linked to this story on our 7 news App.

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