Heavy rains impacting little league sports

Rain affecting baseball

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - It’s been a wet few weeks here in southwest Oklahoma and it’s certainly making life difficult for little league officials in the area.

Despite that, in both Lawton and Duncan they’re doing everything they can to make the fields playable.

"We’ve cut everything out to where the only thing we have is dirt around the bases. The grass dries out easier, the dirt dries pretty quick. When we have tournaments, we’ll be out here with blow torches and dries it and absorbents and try to get games in,” said President of the Duncan Baseball Club Jacob Samuels.

"Our fields are not just like someone’s front yard where you can just get out there and mow it really quick. We have heavy equipment in the mud and dirt and clay. We have some flat line areas that just hold water and with how much water we have there’s nothing being absorbed. It’s just penetrating the top and staying up top and holding true on that,” said Jack Hanna, Director of the City of Lawton Parks and Recreation Department.

The rain has forced several cancellations but both Samuels and Hanna say they are doing their best to make them up.

"We’re trying to reschedule and then the rain will rain out our rescheduled games. It’s just really tough getting the games in for the kids,” Samuels said.

"We look at open dates we have, fill in dates, maybe byes we have. We start fill it in that way, but we’re also scheduled to play three Saturdays coming up. We traditionally try to not play on Saturdays but with the rain that’s happening, trying to get the games in before city championship games, we’ve got to play on Saturdays,” Hanna said.

Both men say the constant rain is discouraging but they continue to work on the fields for the kids.

"We want to see the kids play as much as they want to play. The coaches doing all the preparation work and practicing and getting them ready to go and then just sitting idle. That’s the frustrating part that kids are chomping at the bit to get out there to play, it’s so fun to watch them play, and they just can’t get out there because the fields are so saturated,” Hanna said.

"That’s what they come out here for. With travel ball and everything there’s not a whole lot of leagues still around. It’s for kids to come out that are somewhat local to get games without having to drive out of town to go play,” Samuels said.

Both Hanna and Samuels want to thank all the parents for their patience and understanding as they work around the rain.

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