MAKENZIE’S OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: Striped bass at Lake Texoma

Updated: May. 22, 2019 at 8:01 AM CDT
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LAKE TEXOMA, Okla. (TNN) -Oklahoma is home to many species of fish.

But one lake seems to rise above the rest when it comes to the striped bass.

7 News Anchor Makenzie Burk traveled to Lake Texoma for her latest outdoor adventure, to learn all about striper fishing.

Lake Texoma is one of only 10 lakes in the country that has a naturally sustaining population of striped bass.

"Texoma is known for striper fishing," said Bryan County Game Warden, Trey Hale. "It's great all year long, but we have almost every kind of fish native to Oklahoma."

"It looks quite a bit like our native white bass, but it gets to a much larger size," said the South-Central Region fisheries supervisor, Matt Mauck. " And it's got these black stripes that run from right behind the gill plate all the way down to it's tail."

Striper can range from 11 inches to 40 inches, and up to 20 pounds.

Trey Hale is the Bryan County game warden. Part of his job is patrolling the lake. But he also loves to fish it.

"If you're going to travel somewhere to fish, Lake Texoma is the place to do it," said Hale. "On a good day of striper fishing, you're going to catch a lot of fish."

But they call it fishing for a reason, because not every day is good. Which is why some techniques work better than others.

"As you're splashing the water, vibrations are going down in the water. Those fish pick up on that and they're going to come to that vibration, and our baits are under the boat," said Hale. "So the more fish you have around your bait, the more chance you have to catch something."

"There's a lot of stripers in the lake," said Mauck. "And because of that, we can be pretty liberal with our harvest regulations. We can harvest 10 a day, which only 2 can be over 20 inches."

Matt Mauck is the South-Central Region fisheries supervisor. He says, not only is the Striper fishing at Lake Texoma fun for the community, but it also has economic benefits.

"A lot of people enjoy the lake, guides that work on the lake, businesses that are reliant on the stripe bass fishery," said Mauck. "So it's important that we understand what's going on. That we provide opportunities and that we also are able to make sure that this fishery is good next year, and many years after."

The striper population at Texoma is currently the highest it's been in 16 years. So for the beginners out there who are itching to hook a striper, it's a great year to do it.

“Trust your electronics on your boat dash. Go find schools of fish and just stick with them until you figure it out,” said Hale. “It’s kind of a learning curve if you’ve never done it, but that’s half the fun of coming out and chasing fish that you’ve never caught before.”

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