Fire department hosts 30th annual Tour de Meers bike ride

Fire department hosts 30th annual Tour de Meers bike ride

Lawton, Okla. (TNN) - Hundreds of people from all across the state got out Saturday to participate in a bike tour.

Tour de Meers is an annual fundraiser put together by the Meers Volunteer Fire Department. This is the 30th year that they have held this event.

Over 500 people signed up to participate and all had the option to travel four different routes ranging from 10 miles up to 60. Firefighter, Bill Cunningham said the proceeds help pay for gear, equipment, and upkeep of the building.

“In this line of work you will, volunteers, you have to raise your own money, and so that’s what we do and this is just a wonderful event. We try to make sure that all the participants have an excellent time because we want them to come back," said Cunningham.

Corbin Dickerson starting riding bikes back in February with a friend and traveled from Yukon to participate in this event. He said he is glad to be supporting Meers Volunteer Fire Department.

“It’s a good thing because volunteer fire departments play a big role in rural communities. Sometimes they don’t have a lot of money for equipment but they’re definitely needed, especially somewhere out here like the Wildlife Refuge where there is a bunch of trees and forest area that has tendency to catch fire, so it’s good to come out have fun, exercise, and be able to give back to a local fire department,” Dickerson.

Cunningham said two locally owned bike stores were present to help with bike repairs. They each donated a bike to be raffled off for two lucky winners.

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