Duncan woman looking for late husband’s lost pig

Duncan woman looking for late husband’s lost pig


Arnold the pig was found at another house near the lake. Arnold’s owner, Rose Gatliff, went and got Arnold and walked him back home. Both Gatliff and Arnold are happy to be reunited.

Arnold the pig relaxing back at home
Arnold the pig relaxing back at home


DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - A Duncan woman is trying to find her husband’s pet pig after the animal escaped, the same day he was killed in a car crash just miles from their home. Last Saturday, William Mason’s vehicle went off a bridge near Lake Humphrey.

Mason loved their pig named Arnold. Rose Gatliff said when he got home from work, he'd go and check on it before coming inside to see his family. They feel this is all they have left, but Arnold is missing.

"He's a whole lot more than just a pig," she said.

Gatliff didn't always see the Arnold like that. She got it from a friend a couple of years ago with plans on having it slaughtered, but her husband wouldn't let that happen.

"For the past two years, that pig has had a lavish life, and now he will have a lavish life until he dies."

It practically became a pet for the couple that had been together for more than 30 years. Gatliff said Arnold had never gotten out before and is really friendly.

"He would walk right into your house if you'd let him, but he's his pig,” she said. “And I'd just like to get him back."

Some of Gatliff's neighbors, who live down the street, said they saw it wandering the Lake Humphrey area this past weekend, but they haven't seen it in days.

"I've been looking for him since Saturday, but I just saw him one time," Bill Barns said. "If I see him, I'll let that lady know."

She wants to find Arnold before it's too late.

“My fear is that someone is going to put it in the freezer, but that pig really has a purpose now because it’s all I got left,” Gatliff said.

If you see Arnold or know where it is, give us a call, and we’ll let Gatliff know.

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