Kids learn about rockets, planes at Altus Aviation Camp

Altus aviation camp

ALTUS, Okla. (TNN) - Kids in Altus spent the week learning about rockets and planes at an aviation camp.

Cale Galmor said it’s impossible to pick his favorite part about aviation camp.

"It’s so hard. It’s so fun, I don’t know what to say about that one. Trying to fly airplanes, the simulators, and launching rockets,” Galmor said.

This is the second year for the three-day aviation camp, which allows students to learn different things each day, starting with rockets.

"They learn about thrust, we do some classroom, some slides. We use balloons and all that to show the propulsion. Then we build some rockets and go outside. We let them run like mission control, they get to call in, ask for weather and traffic. The tower calls back and lets them know they’re good for launch, we do the countdown and launch the rocket,” said Altus Recreation Supervisor Michael Shive.

On day two, the focus shifted to planes.

"We talk about lift and lighter than air, they learned a lot about that and what makes a plane lift into the air, the different sizes, the different engines, from jet engines to props, we bring them out and show them some of the planes, they get to get up in and see all the instruments. Then they get to build some gliders,” Shive said.

Shive said this camp will help kids get a better understanding of the planes they constantly see flying around Altus Air Force Base.

"Give them some insight into aviation and maybe spark some interest in wanting to go through that. Our college out here and the vo-tech have some aviation programs. So, it helps feed into that and maybe even wanting to go into the Air Force and be out here at the base,” Shive said.

Shive said this year’s camp was a success and there are already plans to hold the camp again next year. Galmor said no kids should miss the event next year.

"Kids should come over and do it. It’s so fun. There might be new stuff, everyone’s nice here and they get along,” Galmor said.

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