Oklahoma Blood Institute introduces monthly news letter “Drawing Together”

Oklahoma Blood Institute introduces monthly news letter “Drawing Together”
"Drawing Together" is the Oklahoma Blood Institute's monthly newsletter, sharing stories of grateful recipients.

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - The Oklahoma Blood Institute is giving donors another way to see how their contribution is saving a life. “Drawing Together” started just last month. It’s a newsletter that offers testimonials of how blood donations are used.

It’s the final piece of the Thank-the-Donor program we first told you about last September. Recipients are able to write thank-you notes to the person who supplied their blood, and now, those are available for everyone to read.

“Every blood unit we collect is going to help someone and this helps us identify that someone, when they want to be identified, to tell those donors, ‘Thank you. We appreciate you and we might not be here without you,'" said Daren Coats, Vice President of Western Division Operations at OBI.

Available online and for free, you can log in after registration to read inspirational stories of how a life was saved.

“It completes that circle," said Coats. "You know you’ve donated, you understand its going to a lab to be tested for safety and you’re seeing that story come back from that patient that received it. It’s satisfying and gratifying to know that when you give, someone out there is benefiting from your time.”

Neal Hubbard II recently received a thank-you note after his last donation.

“It was a letter from a mother who was thanking my donation for her daughter who is fighting cancer," said Hubbard. “It’s kind of reassuring that we’re actually helping those out and not being a waste.”

Drawing Together helps donors truly see how their donation is used. Coats says he hopes this program, along with Thank-the-Donor will encourage people to donate.

“We are hoping donors respond positively and this motivates people to donate more often,” Coats said. "Oklahoma is very fortunate in that we have a good percentage of people who donate blood. But we are always looking for more.”

If you would like to sign up for the newsletter, text “GRATEFUL” to 999777.

Newsletters will be released monthly, and the stories are primarily from Oklahoma, North Texas, and parts of Arkansas.

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