Hundreds attend family fun day at LETRA

Hundreds attend family fun day at LETRA

FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) - It was a beautiful day to get outside and enjoy nature, especially at the Lake Elmer Thomas Recreation Area. LETRA held its annual Military Appreciation and Community Family Fun Day, Saturday on Fort Sill.

Hundreds could be seen enjoying the festivities going on at LETRA.

“We come out here every summer," said Sharon Edwards. "As many times as we can get out here, actually.”

There were several activities for families, from rental boats, to rock climbing, to enjoying the live music.

“Our big intent is to show our appreciation not only to the service members, but to the families that work on our installation by providing them a day to come out and enjoy LETRA at no cost," said Col. Don King, Fort Sill Garrison Commander. "We’re even open to the civilian community if they can get on the installation if they’d like to come out here and see what LETRA’s all about.”

The event has grown over the years as more and more activities have been incorporated, with even more options on the way.

“We’re actually trying to create more space out here for boats and boat slips and hopefully, I did get a recommendation from the staff yesterday to put a lodge on the lake that people can do ceremonies at," said Col. King. “I’m all about expanding this and making this a great family environment, not only for the military families here, but also for our guests in Lawton.”

King described the area as a hidden jewel.

“It’s always hard to describe what we have out here, because, as you know, it takes a little bit of time to get out here," said Col. King. "People really don’t know about it and there tends to be a busy work schedule on Fort Sill. So, what I’m enjoying about today is that people do know it’s out here. We have provided it all free. Everything’s free out here just to show them what we have.”

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