Busy first day for interim Cotton County Sheriff

Busy first day for interim Cotton County Sheriff

COTTON COUNTY (TNN) - The interim Cotton County Sheriff, Tim King, was hard at work Tuesday, trying to get things in order after being given the new position on Monday.

King said that it has been hectic at the Cotton County Courthouse, but he said he is confident he can turn things around.

“I’ve always been about accepting a challenge and taking it on," said King. "It’s going to be challenging at first, yes, but I think we can get it back in good shape pretty quick.”

King said there are several areas that need to be addressed, but right now he is focused on the basics.

“Well, as far as the initial issues, I’ve got to get deputies back on the street. We’ve got to get the budget made. It was supposed to have been done the 7th. We’re doing it as we speak. We’ve got to get some vehicles," said King. "There’s just a lot of equipment and stuff like that that we need to get running and get back in good shape.”

So far, King has three deputies, including himself, to take calls, but he is still looking to add to his staff. King is also working to get officers from the Walters Police Department deputized to help out.

“We’re going to try to get a mutual agreement between both agencies and they’re going to assist me and I’m going to assist them," said King. "Like I said, I worked for Walters the last nine months. And they called me on my day off and asked me if I could come up here and take this position. So, they’re short handed. I’m going to cover some calls for Walters and vice versa.”

Serving 660 square miles is no small feat, especially given the amount of law enforcement in the county.

“You’re looking at Walters as the only city in the county that has a police department," said King. "We’re going to assist them the best we can. The rest of it’s just going to be a lot of long hours. You know, you’re going to have to get up and take the calls when the calls come in and deal with it appropriately.”

But King wants to reassure the people that he can get the job done.

“You call and we will be there," said King. "I’m going to say probably 85% of the people in the county’s got my personal cell phone, from the 20 years prior. So, give me a call, we’ll come.”

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