Knife-wielding burglary suspect jumps out of third-story apartment window

Knife-wielding burglary suspect jumps out of apartment window

ISSAQUAH, Wash. (KIRO/CNN) - Police apprehended a man in Washington after he leapt from a third-story apartment window.

The man was allegedly committing a robbery until the resident came home and had a confrontation with him involving a knife.

"This was a real situation and it could have happened to anybody," said Ryan Klee, who was the victim in the alleged attempted robbery.

The Issaquah tenant had just returned home after walking his dogs last Tuesday morning.

“I opened the door, and the guy is going through my backpack that’s just sitting right here,” Klee said.

Klee had to think fast.

He didn't know what that stranger was capable of.

So he started asking questions, called 911 and refused to let him leave.

"Because I would feel horrible if I let you go and found out later that you hurt somebody else," Klee said.

But the suspect got fed up.

“(He) ran across this way to my butcher area over here. And he said ‘I’ll cut you, I’ll cut your throat,’ and he put it up to my neck as well too,” Klee said.

But Klee said he was thinking about who else could be targeted.

He wouldn't let that guy go, even with a knife to his throat.

“And I said ‘the only way you’re going to leave out of here is, you have two options. You could either be escorted by the police or you can go out the window,’” Klee said.

Klee said he didn't think the suspect would really do it.

Turns out the suspect, Ryan Dresser, has a violent criminal history.

In December, he was charged with two different robberies.

Dresser also had felony warrants out on him eight times since 2013.

His bail amount was set at $100,000. Prosecutors say he is an extreme risk to the community and is likely of committing another violent offense if released.

"The end result is, it worked out well,” Klee said. “He's caught, he's not going to be able to hurt somebody else."

But if Klee hadn't forced the suspect to take drastic measures, police said, he could still be out there.

"I definitely surprised my own self that I did that,” Klee said. “And that I was able to kind of think on the fly."

One reason police easily identified Dresser is because he left his ID at the scene.

His pants probably also helped.

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