Technical problems at Duncan splash pads

Technical problems at Duncan splash pads

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - Kids looking forward to playing in Duncan’s splash pads have been out of luck this year.

Both splash pads are popular places in the summertime, which is why having both closed is not cool. Literally. The Douglass Splash Pad opened back up on Wednesday after being closed due to plumbing issues. But Hillcrest’s is still closed because of its downed control system.

“The one we’re at now is the Douglass Splash Pad. It had a plumbing problem where a pipe had become disconnected underground, about six foot underground. It was more economical to run a new line into the tank and go that route so we could get the splash pad going," said Robbie Wilkinson, parks and cemetery crew chief at the City of Duncan. “The other one, it is down because of its main controller. The brain, or motherboard, if you will. It’s obsolete, in a way.”

The silver lining about the downed splash pads is that they are smart technology, turning themselves off if there’s an issue.

“The brain controls it and if the water is unsafe for people to be in, it shuts off," said Wilkinson. “Then we show up and got to figure out what’s going on, whether it’s ran out of chemicals to treat it right, or what have you.”

Douglass is now ready to go for the public, but Hillcrest’s reopening date is to be determined.

“Sometimes the chemicals that you use, they can kind of eat on the pumps and eat on the plumbing that goes to it, and the metal that’s in the room," said Wilkinson. "That’s happened to an extent, but we have a company that’s out of Texas, they’re going to update it if it passes at the council meeting.”

Several people stopped by the Douglass Splash Pad Wednesday to check if it was open and were happy to find out it was! The first person in the reopened splash pad had it all to himself for a while.

“Well, the buckets. I get super soaked," said Liam Thomasson. "You just stand under them, then wait for it, and then psssh! Soaked in pure water.”

People may have a favorite splash pad that they go to, but for now it will have to be the one at Douglass. If you are looking to really jump in, the Duncan pool is open, too.

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